Welcome to SAP Learning Journeys!

Looking for the perfect place to start your SAP Learning Journey?

You’re in the right place! SAP Learning Journeys are structured visual guides, designed to help you understand and navigate the path to become fully competent with a high-priority SAP solution.

Take a short look at our introduction video about the SAP Learning Journeys

Take a deeper insight at our introduction video about the SAP Learning Journeys

Understanding the SAP Learning Offerings

SAP Learning Room

SAP Learning Rooms are online social environments, where you can build and expand your SAP skills with informal social learning and curated learning content. All Learning Rooms are delivered through the SAP Learning Hub and include all of the content needed to achieve specific learning goals.

openSAP Course

openSAP courses are free, open, online courses on SAP’s latest innovations. Courses consist of videos, self-tests, discussion forums, weekly assignments, and a final exam. Upon successful completion of an openSAP course, you can earn a Record of Achievement (online certification). After a course closes, all learning content remains available for consumption in self-paced mode.


eLearnings are interactive, web-based materials that you can consume at your own pace. You control what to focus on, as well as how many times you need to go over the content. eLearning can contain text, videos, demos, simulations, and other media. In some cases, an electronic eBook is available.

SAP Live Access

SAP Live Access lets you get hands-on experience with a live, fully supported, and private SAP system. The system is preconfigured with the data you need to complete the exercises in SAP Learning Hub classes and free exploration. SAP Live Access is available to SAP Learning Hub subscribers in fixed-hour plans.

Classroom Training

Classroom training offers the traditional instructor-led training experience. Instructors and learners meet at a training site or, in the case of Virtual Live Classrooms (VLC), they connect over the web to participate in a comprehensive training and handson learning experience.


Certifications are exams of different lengths and types, validating specific levels of competence with SAP solution knowledge and skills, such as Associate, Specialist, or Professional. Certification exams can be taken worldwide at physical and virtual locations. Some certifications are available as a subscription through the Certification Hub.

Learning simple. SAP Learning Hub!

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