Increase employee productivity & drive down costs with UI analytics and insights with SAP User Experience Management

You cannot Manage what you are not able to measure

Error messages, poor workflow design, and inadequate training can slow productivity and create employee frustration and job dissatisfaction. Effectively leveraging SAP User Experience Management (SAP UEM) data to simplify business workflows with streamlined screens and interactions can eliminate these disruptions. And pinpointing problem areas can help refocus training needs through just in time In-App Help, using SAP Enable Now as an Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) so everyone can immediately upskilled to be able to produce to their fullest potential.

Why is this important?

The average worker deals with 56 interruptions a day. And many switch tasks every 3 minutes. That’s nearly 20x per hour!

In fact:

  • 73% of interruptions are handled immediately – whether or not it’s necessary.
  • After being interrupted, 2 additional tasks are typically handled before returning to the first.

On average it takes 23 Minutes & 15 Seconds to recover and get back to the task at hand.


Error messages can be some of the most damaging! A delayed, difficult, or unnecessary step required to get a task done—regardless of how small—can have major time and cost implications! The more complex the task, the bigger the consequences.

Imagine if you will: A Customer Service Rep’s dashboard delivers an unnecessary error message. It takes only a second to overcome, but it happens all the time. That sounds pretty minor, but it adds up.

We did the match. 1 CSR takes 1 second to overcome 1 error, experiences 10 errors during each transaction, and performs 500 transactions a day.

Ready for big savings and increased productivity?


By effectively using SAP User Experience Management (SAP UEM) data, you’ll identify the errors and interruptions that are occurring, know how frequently they get triggered, and pinpoint who they are affecting—right down to the individual. With SAP UEM analytics and insights, you have all of the data needed to switch off the sources of disruptions, so you can reduce time wasted, foster happier users, and drive down costs.

Using in addition the context sensitive Electronic Performance Support Systeme (EPSS) of SAP Enable Now  everyone can immediately upskilled directly in user’s application just in time.

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The basis of my professional, polyvalent career is mainly characterized by the following qualifications: - 20 years of experience in Sales & Marketing - 20 years of experience in the field of ICT and in particular, Learning Development, Knowledge Management (KM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - 20 years of experience in the field of human Resources Management (5 - 25 persons - recruitment, leading, training and motivation of employees) - 20 years of experience as a Project Manager in the field of ICT, chemical and industrial plant design and architecture. - 10 years of experience in 2D / 3D CAD planning - 10 years of experience in the field of Biological and Energy-Efficient Construction - 5 years of experience as a Member of the Board of two companies, with whom I've worked

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