How To Increase Your Software ROI & Employee Productivity With Just in Time, context sensitive In-Application Performance Support

One of the biggest challenges that organizations face when implementing new business applications is end-user’s resistance to change. By providing user training before or after go-live, full adoption and user acceptance is simply not guaranteed. According to some studies, the average adult mind retains only 22% of a 90 mins training session and the average employee’s time to proficiency is 8 to 14 weeks. In other words, training is an event, and learning is a continuous process. Therefore, one of the most effective ways to realize a higher ROI on software investments and maximize employee productivity is to provide user guidance and help content context sensitive right when they need it, within the live application.

Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) like SAP Enable Now can provide post go-live performance support and help increase user acceptance, productivity and quality of work.

Context sensitive just in time support

Today’s digitalization initiatives and fast-paced work environment are constantly pushing companies and employees to adopt and leverage new technology to stay competitive. To keep up with these changes, employees often find themselves researching steps and procedures online, asking coworkers for guidance and submitting help desk support requests.

  • 2h daily working time lost to do searching for information per information worker at European companies Source: Berkeley Studie
  • 2.1h every 11’a work interruption. It takes 25’ each to get back to the original workSource: Berkeley Studie
  • 3′ short breaks are enough to double the error rate when completing a reasonably demanding task! Source: Michigan State University (MSU)
  • 63€ for searching a day / per information worker Source: Statistischen Bundesamt Deutschland
  • 15K€ for searching per information worker with a yearly gross income of Ø 40’000 € Source: IDC
  • 375K€ optimization potential per year at 30‘ time saving of a company with 100 information workers Source: IDC
  • Opportunity costs, that is, what else could have been done instead of losing time Source: IDC

While employees can get the information needed from these methods at the right time at the right place, the specific details are not consistent, up to date or tailored for their organizational needs. These methods result in slower productivity, wasted resources, errors and frustrations. Furthermore wasted time, interruptions and opportunity loss.

With SAP Enable Now, whenever employees get stuck while performing a procedure within a software application, they can access to context sensitive just in time support of the used live application and instantly access guided tours, step by step simulations, eLearning, manuals and training guides related specifically to the procedure they’re are trying to carry out. The context sensitive, just in time support can incorporate conceptual information, audio, simulations, assessments, pop-up guides, videos, external data’s and more. Users can access help from their work stations, or on the go using tablets and smartphones. SAP Enable Now has a tracking capability, making it easy for users to provide feedback to authors, subscribe to items, pages or discussions and receive notifications about changes. Managers can also publish detailed reports about the help files‘ usage statistics for different user groups, or specific individuals, which would help managers determine which transactions or procedural areas are the most difficult for employees to become proficient in.

Context sensitive help provides users with a comprehensive, adaptable, engaging, just-in-time and just- enough learning experience.

Business Values

  • Reduces support requests, help desk calls and tickets by up to 62%
  • Reduces support and training costs by up to 70%
  • Accelerates process execution by up to 73%

Eemployees no longer need to search for help, the help finds the user context-sensitive, role-specific and at the right time regardless of the underlying infrastructure

This results in a fast ROI, increases user acceptance, productivity and quality of work

Example: 375’000€ optimization potential per year at 30‘ time saving of a company with 100 information workers.

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