What is a Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS)?

An electronic performance support system (EPSS) is any computer software program or component that improves user performance. Just-in-time support.

EPSSs can help an organization to reduce the cost of training staff while increasing productivity and performance. They can empower employees to perform tasks with a minimum amount of external intervention or training. By using this type of system an employee, especially a new employee, will often not only be able to complete his or her work more quickly and accurately, but, as a secondary benefit, will also learn more about the job and the employer’s business.

An EPSS is best considered when:

  • workers require knowledge to achieve individual performance in a business environment
  • skilled performers are spending a lot of time helping less skilled performers
  • new workers must begin to perform immediately and training is impractical, unavailable or constrained
  • employees need to be guided through a complex process or task that cannot be memorized.

These situations often occur when new systems (e.g. customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning) are introduced, upgraded or consolidated, and in certain call centres when agents must perform using complex systems, processes or products.
Source: Wikipedia


  1. Reducing the complexity or number of steps required to perform a task
  2. Providing the performance information an employee needs to perform a task
  3. Providing a decision support system that enables an employee to identify the action that is appropriate for a particular set of conditions

One of the leading EPSS Solution is SAP Enable Now. For further Information about SAP Enable Now refer to the following link.

For an introduction video have a look at the following link

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